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I've succesfully installed AD DS, DNS, Hyper-V and RDS. However, when trying to install a virtual machine by means of the wizard it hangs. Importing an existing Virtuale machine makes the console unresponsive as well. The machine is a DL380G6, 2 x X5220, 12 GB.

I had the Hyper-V running without AD DS, DNS, but I can't get it to work since installing the latter two. Not even after a clean install.

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I wouldn't recommend making your Hyper-V hosts domain controllers.

That said, one of the things that Active Directory does is that it disables write caching on the volume where AD DS data is stored. That will have a HUGE negative impact on your Hyper-V guests if they're running on the same disk, and may even be causing this incompatibility you're seeing now.

As an alternative, why not install AD DS and DNS as VM guests on your Hyper-V host?

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Disabling write caching on disks storing VHDs won't actually have any effect at all. Hyper-V lets the guest OSes do the write caching. It opens VHDs files uncached. –  Jake Oshins Jan 16 '12 at 17:47

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