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I was wondering if anyone can explain this to me.

I installed WAMP 2.2. I opened up the dashboard menu, and clicked localhost. I was brought to the WAMP localhost home page. I clicked on phpmyadmin and get a 403 access is denied error message. However, if I type in the ip address in the address bar, then VOILA, I am in (however, I am not prompted to login to phpmyadmin, I am instantly brought to the phpmyadmin homepage)

Please note, I have found the solution to get rid of the 403 error message when entering phpmyadmin from the the localhost extension (change the Deny all setting to Allow all); so I am not asking how to solve that, but my question is:

Why if localhost and go to the same spot, will when using the IP addres, I am granted access to subsequent applications and with localhost I am not?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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There is a bug present with the WAMP. Remove all other instance of in the hosts file, because each time you installed WAMP, will be added. ALso, remove or # ::1 if IPv6 support is present. Now restart the WAMP and give it 1 minutes and check it again. I have atleast tested it 5 times and all the times its work.

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+1: check your hosts file. – ladenedge May 14 '12 at 23:33

Probably you have in /etc/hosts something like localhost instead of localhost as it happens frequently and mysql is listening only

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