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Is it possible to setup SSL certificate for HTTPS website (on centos 6.2) running tomcat server (6 or 7) as non-root account (/home/user/tomcat)?

Previously, I has this working on ubuntu but after switching to centos I was unable to get it working. So, I am wondering if this is due to centos' security features and in this case I can simply switch back to ubuntu.

Does anyone has experience with this? Thank you very much!

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Belongs on either serverfault or – Chris J Jan 13 '12 at 22:46

Got it working by following instructions from

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Well, for sure you can run SSL on port 8443. As for running on ports 1024 or lower, in this case 443, I am unsure about the priviledges of a non-admin user on a CentOS system.

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