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We had two sites setup in IIS7.5 for a long time. They were named (not real name but you get the point)....

"" and ""

The purpose was to set "HTTP Redirect -- Redirect requests to this destination" setting to "" and checkbox == true.

Last week I applied Windows Updates to our server. Now when changing the "Advanced Settings --> Physical Path" in the site it unchecks the above setting for HTTP Redirect in site and we drop to a 403.

I need to know if this is by design or a bug introduced by the service pack or updates. Please help! I can send screen shots or whatever to help describe.

Updates applied are:

  • KB2584146
  • KB890830
  • KB2631813
  • KB2644615

Windows Server 2008 R2

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If both sites share the same physical path, they also share configuration by design.

Configure the physical path of the "" site to some empty folder on which the "Anonymous" identity (IUSR by default, otherwise the application pool identity) has access to read and execute, and then reconfigure your http redirection rule to redirect all requests to

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