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I'm hardly trying to remove squid completly, to reinstall it clearly. (Debian 6). So i used as root:

apt-get remove --purge squid
apt-get remove --purge squid3


find / -name squid*



Besides the Log and the dpkg files. Should i remove some of this files/folders to be able to work without old issues?

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squidclient and squid-cgi are separate packages, uninstall them too? :) apt-get --purge squidclient squid-cgi should do the trick.

To check what package owns/installed a specific file, type: dpkg -S /usr/bin/squidclient for example.

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Using aptitude is even easier:

sudo aptitude purge ~nsquid

It will remove every package that contains squid in its name.

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And copy backup squid.conf after

  • Remove squid

    apt-get remove --purge squid
    apt-get remove --purge squid3
  • Install squid

    apt-get install squid
    apt-get install squid3
  • Copy the file squid.conf directory squid

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