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What would be the best way to map this URL to this filesystem path?

From file.jpg




  • "200x300" is the size of the image
  • "ed3269d0-f9ef-4ffc-abea-5982969876c0" is the guid of the image
  • "my file" is the name of the file (used for SEO, may contain spaces)
  • "e", "d" and "3" are the first 3 letters of the guid
  • ".jpg" is the extension of the file
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Try something like following:

location / {
   location ~* ^/(\d+x\d+)/((\w)(\w)(\w)[-\w]+)/[^/]+\.jpg$ {
      alias /var/www/$3/$4/$5/$2/$1.jpg;
location /some_other_location/ { ... }
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Why the use of a location inside of another location? – ZogStriP Jan 18 '12 at 9:10
In case you have other non-regex locations (/some_other_location/ in my example) you'll be sure that they would not be mapped by regex location by mistake. Also, /some_other_location/ requests won't be checked by this regex and their processing would be slightly faster. – rvs Jan 18 '12 at 9:43
Thanks for your answer! – ZogStriP Jan 18 '12 at 9:48

Here's what I've come up (as I need to extract the extension too):

server {
   root /var/www;

   location ~* ^/(\d+x\d+)/((\w)(\w)(\w)[-\w]+)/[^\.]+\.(\w+)$ {
      try_files /$3/$4/$5/$2/$1.$6 /index.html;
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