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I am trying to get info from a file with ffmpeg, if inside php I have this code:

exec("ffmpeg -i ffmpeg_directory/4.flv");

Returns nothing, even tough same command inside SSH would print a large list of file info (fps, duration, etc).

But this command converts the file properly, so I am thinking it is no permission problem:

exec("ffmpeg -i ffmpeg_directory/4.flv ffmpeg_directory/4.avi");

It is the same for system() function too. Any idea why that -i command would not return anything?


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If you run ffmpeg -i ffmpeg_directory/4.flv 2> /dev/null from the command line and get output, I don't know the answer. If it becomes blank, then I would say that when you specify an input file, but no output file, it is printing the output to standard error.

Yes, I think it WAS related to the output being an ERROR, I was able to do it by: system("ffmpeg -i ffmpeg_directory/4.flv 2>&1"); – adrianTNT Jan 18 '12 at 0:46

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