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I have recently installed Tortoise SVN on Windows and have two computers, A and B. On both machines I installed TortoiseSVN and they are connected Via LAN and I have my repository saved in computer A. I want to access/checkout the repository in Computer A from Computer B, so i tried this URL in the repository to SVNcheckout from Computer B,

but i got a error message as,

repository moved permanently to ''; please relocate

tried some other URL's as well like,

these didnt work either.. what am i missing ? could anyone tell me, what URL and settings should I be using to access ? or tell me the procedure to create a svnRepository locally and access it in a group of computers connected via LAN/WAN ?

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The error that you're getting is a problem with the Apache configuration on computer A. Can you provide that configuration? – Shane Madden Jan 18 '12 at 17:36
I got the solution, I didnt actually have a SVN server installed, with which i could retrieve the repository through a specific URL. I installed VisualSvn and that solved the problem . – Salman Jan 19 '12 at 6:31

Within your filemanager (or windows explorer), right click within a directory, there should be entry TortoiseSVN, then select Project archive. In the next window you'll see URL. That's the one you must change.

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