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I just discovered bootcamp and I'm psyched that I can run Windows 7 RC on the MacBook Pro without using a virtual machine. However the virtual machines run a bit better because they support remapping the MacBook's keyboard. Currently I can't find an equivalent of the delete key (it is Fn + Delete when running Windows via Fusion or Parallels, but it doesn't work on a bootcamp install of Windows)

Has anyone come up with a clever workaround?

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SU didn't exist when this question was posted. Now that it does I think this should be moved. – John Gardeniers May 29 '10 at 21:34
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You might want to take a look at the Boot Camp Installation & Setup Guide.

Step 3 on Page 14 talks about installing the drivers from the DVD. Also see page 17 for information about using the Mac keyboard in Windows.

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You have to install the Mac Keyboard drivers for Windows. I believe they are available on the MacOS DVD.

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install boot camp 3 try Ctrl + function key

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