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please advice how to solve this problem I have linux with informix DB its fail on - Fatal error in shared memory creation

su - informix

-sh-2.05b$ oninit -v

    ONCONFIG /usr/informix/etc/ is not owned by user with id 4000.
    Checking group membership to determine server run modesucceeded
    Reading configuration file '/usr/informix/etc/'...succeeded
    Creating /INFORMIXTMP/.infxdirs ... succeeded
     Creating infos     file "/usr/informix/etc/.infos.active_trm" ... "/usr/informix/etc/.conf.active_trm" ... s succeeded
    Writing to infos file ... succeeded
    Checking config parameters...succeeded
    Allocating and attaching to shared memory...FAILED
    oninit: Fatal error in shared memory creation

oninit -i

  This action will initialize IBM Informix Dynamic Server;
   any existing IBM Informix Dynamic Server databases will NOT be accessible -
   Do you wish to continue (y/n)? 
   please enter 'y' or 'n'...
   Do you wish to continue (y/n)? y
   oninit: Fatal error in shared memory creation
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Your shared memory segments may not have cleared properly. Run onclean -ky command. This should hopefully clear any lingering shared memory segments.

If this doesn't work, run ipcs command to identify the memory segments and remove using ipcrm

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