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In nagios config

define service{
          use                 generic-service
          service_description xxx Status
          check_command       check_http! -S

I want to delete the entire section as given above matching regex . How to do it using sed or any other Linux utility

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Maybe an awk script like this:

awk -f this-script.awk my-nagios.conf >

# start of block
/^define/ {
  collecting = 1;
  matched = 0;
  buf = "";

# end of block
/}/ {
   collecting = 0;
   if (!matched) {
     print buf $0;

# Row in bad block
/ {
  if (collecting)
    matched = 1;

# Normal row
  if (collecting) {
    buf = buf $0 "\n";
  } else {
    print $0;
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The awk script collects rows of the {} block into a variable and only prints if out on the end of the block if / is not matched. – jkj Jan 19 '12 at 8:56
ed my-nagios.conf <<q
w my-bagios.conf~
g/ ?define?,/}/d
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