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Is there any way i can implement QOS in windows 7 by any software. I have PC where i download data all day. I download all data from one site. I want that when i visit other http site then i get the full bandwidth and that download gets least prioroty but when i finish that then download gets full BW.

I know i can do that in cisco router but i want to know if that can be done via any software in windows 7

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This is possible to do via Group Policy under

Computer Configuration\Policies\Windows Settings

I have not personally used it so I can't attest to its value, but it seems to have all the right options. Create a new policy there and specify the executable name for your downloading program on page 2 of the wizard.

Microsoft have a tip on it here.

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thanks buddy , i will try – Mirror51 Jan 19 '12 at 14:38

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