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How can a pair of http servers be configured to both listen on port 80, but on different interfaces on the same server?

Specifically, I would like to run nginx and apache on one machine (CentOS 6) for different applications on different IPs.

I believe that by default Apache binds to, responding to requests on all inbound traffic. How could this scenario be implemented?

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In Apache, change a Listen 80 to Listen X.X.X.X:80.

In nginx, change a listen 80; to listen Y.Y.Y.Y:80;.

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well, shoot - that was substantially simpler than I had yet seen in the documentation :) .. thanks! – warren Jan 20 '12 at 22:01

Once a service bound to a specific port, no other services will be permitted to bind to that port. You may have to use different port.

What kind of a scenario you are trying to implement? Is that Nginx load balancing?

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