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I've been reading for a couple of hours and there are a lot of contradictory stuff about this. Will APC or eAccelerator be of any benefit at a cPanel server running Apache and nginx?

Recently our server provider said that there would little or no real benefit considering PHP is running under mod_fgci and not DSO and adviced, as an alternative, to place eAccelerator cache at /dev/shm.

Does this make sense or should I forget of all PHP cache methods if we want to keep FastCGI?

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In general, caching will help you if and only if:

  • Retrieving or computing the displayed page is expensive (it is stored on a very slow backing store compared to your cache, or is just expensive to produce due to the way it is dynamically generated, if it is dynamic), and
  • The page does not need to be regenerated each time it is loaded.

FastCGI is a mechanism for keeping persistent interpreters to avoid process setup overhead, but also does its own caching. This is why there is likely no point in caching again. However, if FastCGI is caching somewhere slow and you want that to continue (as in my first point above), you could certainly use another layer of caching to speed things up. I can't think of a reasonable use case for that.

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