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In my server I noticed that I have mysqld and mysqld_safe processes running simultaneously. Is mysqld_safe supposed to run always, together with mysqld?

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Found another question which answers mine. TL'DR version: Yes – AppleGrew Jan 22 '12 at 4:55
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It is best that does. If you read the the code for mysqld_safe, there is basic startup initialization in the beginning and an indefinite loop at the bottom. Here is the pseudocode description of the Loop

Start the Loop

  • run mysqld inside the loop
  • once mysqld terminates, check for how terrmination occurred
    • if normally terminated, exit loop (such as service mysql stop)
    • if abnormally terminated on startup, exit loop (errmsg posted in error file)
    • if abnormally terminated otherwise, errmsg posted why mysqld died
  • retry mysqld

End of Loop

This is an oversimplified description of what mysqld_safe does

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