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I have a file which I'd like to parse to extract certain values from it. I don't know what command and syntax I should use (maybe sed?).

Below are 2 sample lines which I might expect to find in the file. What I need is the value of name (i.e 1234 and xyz respectively in the example) as well as the value of jndiName.

factories xmi:type="resources.url:URL" xmi:id="" name="1234" jndiName="xyz_aBC" 

factories xmi:type="resources.url:URL" xmi:id="URL_1323780357724" name="xyz" jndiName="abc" 

If I use sed, how would I apply it in this situation?

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Can you give us some valid xml to work with ? – Iain Jan 22 '12 at 17:25

Generally it is considered unwise to try and parse xml using standard unix utilities. I have used the xml2 utility to parse xml files and then use grep/awk/sed etc to do what I want.

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xmlstarlet is also a good alternative for parsing xml in shell if for religious reasons one can not use e.g. perl XML::Simple ;)

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By hinting that you might consider using regular expressions (sed) to parse an xml file you've uttered an incantation that will lead you into the mouth of madness! Please turn back!

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