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One of my friends lives in a country which they censor websites and they are fighting with techniques that people use to bypass the censorship.

He told me that the only way that he can bypass the censorship now is using SOCKS proxy (that country blocked VPN and SSH connections to outside the world)

I configured a web HTTP-Proxy server with Squid by the steps in this tutorial :

Now my friend can change his IP address and browse websites with a new IP add , but he told me that he still cannot access the censored sites since the browsing is not encoded.

Can anyone help me how I can configure Squid as a Sock5 proxy server ?

My server is Debian 5

Thanks in advance.

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Squid is an HTTP proxy, not a SOCKS proxy. It expects to talk HTTP and nothing else.

Have a look at Dante. I find this to be an easy and reliable SOCKS proxy server.

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