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I have some old (8 years) hdd, Maxtor 40Gb (i think that full model number is not important here). Suddenly, i can't read some files from it. Using chkdsk, after LONG scan i realised i have some 380 kb in bad sectors, but there's about 10 GB of data i can't read! When chkdsk starts scanning everything goes nice, SILENT and fast until 33%. Then, scanning gets A LOT slower, and some wired, suptile and quite silent "ping" started appearing from my disk on every second. Yes! When i try to read some corrupted data, hdd started doing "bing....0.5-1 second sec" and after a while read error pops out.

Can enyone tell me what to do? I have copied all files i could, but is there ANY way to save other 10 GBs i got jailed there? What's that silent "ping" sound? Is it my hdd's bell of death? Is there any hope for saving rest of my 10Gb without spending "10Gb" od money?

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Your drive is dying. Consult a data recovery company. – voretaq7 Jan 22 '12 at 23:15
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Sounds like the drive is on it's last legs.

From the sounds you are talking about, I'm guessing the data is now unrecoverable using your existing drive and I would have no faith in the drive holding any of the data that currently appears fine.

Your only hope is to send the drive off to a data recovery specialist, but they aren't cheap.

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Ok, i'll try to use some "low level fancy" software to salvage as much as possible (i read it could take up to 10 hours of work, depending of hdd state). i know that Maxtor doesn't exist anymore, but can you recommend me somemanuf. that is known for realibility? I'm interested in plain desktop hdd. Seagate? Samsung? WD? – BoPe Jan 23 '12 at 4:30

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