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I just installed HP-UX 11.00 on a HP-RP2470 Server. The installation in general went OK, however near the end I've seen the folowing output on the console:


Has anybody seen this before? What does this mean? Is this some stupid joke?

Now after the installation everything looks OK and the server is working fine (at least it looks like it is working fine :) ). However this message has brought my attention, and I would still like to know the reason.

The version of the OS is HP-UX 11.00

UPDATE 1440h:

I did some research and noticed that /etc/resolv.conf does not exist. Any suggestions regarding this file? Perhaps I should create one? If that is the case does anyone know what should I put inside that file?

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Did you do what it said? Did you look for "ERROR" in the log file? – mfinni Jan 24 '12 at 12:35
Yes, /var/opt/ignite/clients/.../install.log does not exist. So nothing to search.. – Spirit Jan 24 '12 at 12:47
/var/opt/ignite/local/install.log - Just an infinite lines of NOTES related to the already existing software. Nothing notable there either.. The file ends with the output on the screenshot. – Spirit Jan 25 '12 at 9:29
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I've finally found that the problem with that error which is not related with the HP-UX, but it actually related with miss-configuration of the PuTTY window.

On the background of what was happening is that the HP-UX installation tries to load the /var/opt/ignite/local/install.log file. However that file is WAY TOO large (it has more then 6500 lines) for the PuTTY configs and it cannot be displayed properly so the big FAILURE is displaying on the terminal window.

A suggested configuration I recived from a guy on another forum and it is for comfortably administering terminal servers:

Session ---> Close Window on Exit: Always

Terminal ---> Keyboard ---> The Backspace Key ---> Control-H
(was Control-?, the DELETE key)

Window ---> Columns: 132 Rows: 48 (your choice, but 80 is too small for logs and ioscan)

Lines of Scrollback ---> 50000 (PuTTY default here is 200 which causes that error)

Appearance ---> Cursor appearance: Block Cursor blinks

Font: Lucida Console, 10-point (or Courier, personal choice, 10 point or adjust to fit screen size)

Font quality: Clear Type

Colours: Font default is gray!! (182, not 255) Set Foreground = 255 255 255 Set Background = personal choice (note: Bold = 255, so bold enhancements will be the same)

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