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We have a Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 terminal server farm. We have a Remote Desktop Connection Brokers server (named rdcb) and then 2 Terminal Servers (rd1 and rd2) that are load balanced. When we pull up the Remote Desktop Services Manager to view a remote users screen it does not show users logged into both servers. It shows that servers rd1 and rd2 are there but it shows that the same user logged into rd1 is the same user logged in on rd2 when in fact a whole different set of users is logged into rd2. The usernames get duplicated.

So it would show something like this when logged into rd1:
rd1 user1
rd1 user2
rd1 user3
rd2 user1
rd2 user2
rd2 user3

And then on rd2 it would show:
rd2 user4
rd2 user5
rd2 user6
rd1 user4
rd1 user5
rd1 user6

We are looking to find a way to fix this so it shows who is logged in on both servers so that we can view their screen without having to login on the console of the other terminal server to resolve their issues. This was working for a while before we shutdown the 3 machines for some maintenance and since they were powered back up it stopped working.

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Are they really logged on to both? Looks like your RD FARM database is out of date. Make sure your broker is running fine. – ETL Dec 29 '13 at 17:08

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