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I've got two (2) nodes in an Oracle RAC 11g in Windows Server 2008. Oracle software is installed in C:\app.

I realized that the ORACLE_HOME path has not been set.. In System Properties-> Advanced -> Environment Variables, I see that ORACLE_HOME is empty, and I need it in order to run some Oracle patch.

  • Which path would be the ORACLE_HOME: C:\app\bd\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1
  • Do I have to setup the same in both nodes?
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Set the ORACLE_HOME to the directory which contains bin subdirectory with the Oracle binaries (utilities) you want to use. So in effect, e.g. sqlplus should be accessible as %ORACLE_HOME%\bin\sqlplus.exe.

Set your PATH correspondingly (include the same %ORACLE_HOME%\bin subdirectory).

It would be best to have the same ORACLE_HOME on all RAC nodes to avoid confusion, and this is the default. But it is not mandatory.

By the way, theoretically you can have a separate installation of Oracle binaries, and then you can change the ORACLE_HOME to point to them and run a separate Oracle instance using these separate binaries.

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