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We recently upgraded to Plone 3.3.6 from 3.3.5. Being paranoid I have left in the 3 recent hot fixes Products.PloneHotfix20110720, Products.PloneHotfix20110531 and Products.Zope_Hotfix_20110622 in our buildout.

Does anyone know if Plone 3.3.6 as defined by contains all or some of these hotfixes?

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If you google names of hotfixes, you will find pypi page saying to which versions of Plone the fix applies. Normally Plone bugfix release is made withing 2 weeks.

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The security advisories say Plone <= 3.3.5 but the release notes for Plone 3.3.6 don't mention the fixes – scarba05 Feb 2 '12 at 9:09

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