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I'm new to cURL and I'm trying to do something reasonably simple. I want to login to a server and download data at regular intervals over a few hours.

First, I login to the server - which I've managed by posting the login values like so:

curl -v -c I:\ccookiejar.txt -d "user=me&password=whatever&Login=submit" -o I:\curltest.htm

second, I want to download a html page of data (I'm not worried about the code to do this repeatedly; at the moment, just once would be good) with I thought something like this including the cookies for the session to save me logging in every time.

curl -v -c I:\ccookiejar.txt "" -o I:\curltest2.htm

But this doesn't work as a separate command. It seems because cURL closes the connection?

When I include the url for the data I want to download in the same command as the login url it works ok and I get the two htm files output with the kind of data I expect.

Have I made a mistake in my second example? Is there some other way to save me having to login to the site hundreds of times to download my data using the first method?

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THanks very much Anagio and Kaji. OH DOH! Yep I was overwriting the cookie file by mistakenly using -c when issuing the curl command to save the html data file. Using -b as written clearly in the doc curl.pdf works so I only have to login once to make multiple downloads Thanks again. Gary – Gary Jan 25 '12 at 4:55
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Is the quotes page in the password protected area of the site? If so isn't -c creating a new cookie file? Wouldn't you want to load the cookie file with -b? I'm not to familiar with curl command line but have had a few scripts developed to use curl multi. You could probably have a simple php script made for a couple of bucks literally that lets you hard code your login and pass then just set it as a cron script to run however often you need.

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Quite right see my comment above – Gary Jan 25 '12 at 4:56

If you mean the username and password are entered in a form on a login page, then cURL can "submit" that form like:

curl -d "username=yourusername&password=yourpassword"

and if you want to store the cookie that comes back you do so by specifying a cookie file:

curl -c cookies.txt -d "username=yourusername&password=yourpassword"

and to use those cookie in later requests you do:

curl -b cookies.txt -d "username=yourusername&password=yourpassword"

or do both if you want to both send and receive cookies:

curl -b cookies.txt -c cookies.txt -d "username=yourusername&password=yourpassword"
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Quite right see my comment above – Gary Jan 25 '12 at 4:56

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