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I have installed Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition (32bit) on a Proliant server but can not seem to find the driver for the NIC. I have spent hours looking with no luck.

Would like to just point device manager to a .sys file or similar and be done with it. I found an HP web site rahter easily but the link is a dead end.


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Seriously? I just went to, clicked on drivers, typed in NC7782, chose W2K3 32-bit and it links to all THESE drivers and firmware updates.

Don't come here again if you're going to be that lazy.

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Same thing I did; however, the driver did not work. I'm not sure why, didn't recognize the card. Another post on the forum did provide me with a url that worked so I'll be sure to return the favor. – Dan D. Jan 26 '12 at 2:35

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