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Is it possible to configure DNS such that:

  1. anysubdomain.clientsite.com has CNAME record to abc.ourservice.com

  2. abc.ourservice.com has A record to our dedicated IP (so that if we change servers in the future, our clients won't have to update their CNAME mappings)

We can then capture & process requests made to anysubdomain.clientsite.com

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It certainly should be possible, the owner of clientsite.com should just setup a wildcard record. Keep in mind that the DNS manager provided by some registrars doesn't support a wildard record, or a wildcard cname record.

* IN CNAME abc.ourservice.com.

Your shouldn't have to do anything special for your A record for abc.ourservice.com.

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Sure, you'd have to replace (or introduce to your clients) an intermediate CNAME to give you such flexibility. (In lieu of your A record)

So basically you'd have:

foo.client.com (CNAME) => intermediate.yourservice.com (CNAME) => actualnode.yourservice.com (A)

Then you can re-map your "intermediate CNAME" to whatever A record you'd like without notifying clients.

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