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I am attempting to set an 'Out of Office' message on Outlook 2010 for a colleague (running 64-bit Windows 7). Once the rule is complete, I get a message which says that the rule is a Client rule and will only work when Outlook is running. I'm using Exchange 2007. How can I set it up so that the 'Out of Office' message will work regardless of whether Outlook is running or not?

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  1. To ensure full support of Outlook 2010, make sure to upgrade your Exchange server 2007 to Service Pack 3.

  2. Outlook 2007/2010 relies on the autodiscover feature when handling Out of Office replies. Make sure you have autodiscovery set up and running correct: Test-OutlookWebServices and are your best friends when troubleshooting this

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Thanks for your answer. I greatly appreciate it. – Charles Jan 27 '12 at 15:50

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