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Let's say I have a server at that provides PPTP among other things. Right now I'm on a network that has most outbound ports blocked, and I'm using my VPN to break through the firewall. My server also provides a service on a port blocked by the network I'm on.

My problem is that even though I'm connected to my VPN at, I still can't connect to the blocked service. Looking in TCPView, it seems that connections to are not routed through the VPN. Why? Can this be changed?

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I managed to fix this myself by adding a new entry to my routing table with a lower metric value (second route).

 Destination          Netmask            Gateway          Interface   Metric    <local gateway>  <local interface>     4251   <remote gateway> <remote interface>      306

The first route was added upon connecting to the VPN. I don't know if there are any ill effects, though. The route seems to disappear automatically upon disconnecting from the VPN, so it has to be readded every time I connect.

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