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We recently inherited a company and their CentOS server with a Postgres running their CSR db. They have a backup system in place which we know nothing about.

It creates backups of the Postgres DB in i's entirity and creates two files, a .backup and .globals. What application are they using to create these backups?

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PostgreSQL uses pg_dump to create database backups. The pg_dump documentation will tell you the various options that can be used.

pg_restore is used to restore these dumps to a database.

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In addition to pg_dump, there is also pg_dumpall-- they could be using either one. I would hazard a guess that the .globals file was created using pg_dumpall --globals-only. If these backups are being automatically generated then there should be an entry in either the postgres users crontab ( run crontab -l as the postgres user) or in the /etc/crontab file that will tell you how the files are being created.

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