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For local testing (and learning), I wish to use host name instead of localhost. I changed my Windows XP host file to this -

Now works beautifully but doesn't. :(

What changes should I make so that,, etc.. all work on local. Using WordpressMU users will be able to create and manage sub-domains dynamically.

I am basically trying to setup WordpressMU locally. I'm using Apache/2.2.4, PHP/5.2.4, and MySQL5.

Please help!

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You've changed the IP for a single host - You might be better off installing a local DNS server, and configuring the zones as you require (for instance, you could push email through a different MTA)

The quick solution would just be to add additional lines like:

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Okay, so I need to a) Install a local DNS server and b) setup some zones there. I would be grateful if you could suggest me a windows dns server and a link/book that tells me how to do all this crazy stuff. I'm excited :D – Arpit Tambi Jul 3 '09 at 9:45
I think I need BIND and they have a manual too. Lets see if that works. Thanks. – Arpit Tambi Jul 3 '09 at 10:11
I've certainly used Bind in the past -- mostly because that's what I use in production, so I could easily migrate the zone files... – Rowland Shaw Jul 3 '09 at 11:27

Unfortunately, this will require setting up a local DNS server, with zone files for these domains, as it's not possible to use wildcard domains in /etc/hosts

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As Rowland said, what you're asking for is wildcard DNS, and that requires a real DNS server.

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