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In my server, I installed the apache and tomcat. But, when I access the my site,, will for the apache. I want that access the tomcat, because I will put my site in tomcat. How to ?

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Set up a connector from Apache to Tomcat (one such connector is mod_jk). Here are some docs on how to do it:

There's also this ServerFault question from a while ago:

How do I properly run Tomcat alongside Apache?

(Actually, look at the Related topics columns on the right of this page; you'll see a bunch of things related to Apache and Tomcat)

Basically, Apache is in front of Tomcat, and will act as a reverse proxy. Apache can be used to handle the static content of your site, and Tomcat the dynamic part.

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You can do it enabling the ProxyPass directive in apache config file.

ProxyPass /
ProxyPassReverse /
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