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Is there a way to see if (and which) a user has logged on to an (Ubuntu) Linux machine via NoMachine - similar to when a Windows machine shows which user is remotely using it?

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when logging in from a nx client, in fact you get a remote display so you see something like this when using 'w';

nxserver:~# w
13:20:33 up 186 days,  5:42,  6 users,  load average: 3,97, 4,09, 4,11
USER     TTY      FROM              LOGIN@   IDLE   JCPU   PCPU WHAT
user1    :1000    09:17   ?xdm?   6days  0.00s /bin/bash /usr/
user2    :1001     09:20   ?xdm?   6days  0.00s /bin/bash /usr/
user3    :1002    11:44   ?xdm?   6days  0.00s /bin/bash /usr/
user4    :1003    10:35   ?xdm?   6days  0.00s /bin/bash /usr/
user5    :1004    10:44   ?xdm?   6days  0.00s /bin/bash /usr/
root     pts/5    13:20    0.00s  0.02s  0.02s w

As you see, root is logged in from tty pts/5 (from a remote location through a text ssh client) en the rest from :number. When you see these ttys, then you know those are graphical sessions.

You can also use 'who' (which has an easier format to parse if you need to do that):

nxserver:~# who
user1   :1000        2012-01-29 09:17 (
user2   :1001        2012-01-29 09:20 (
user3   :1002        2012-01-29 11:44 (
user4   :1003        2012-01-29 10:35 (
user5   :1004        2012-01-29 10:44 (
root    pts/5        2012-01-29 13:20 (
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