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I was updating PHP and when attempting to install 5.3.9, I got conflicts with 5.1 so I (rather stupidly) ran yum remove php php-* and I think that this removed the plesk plugin and I am able to access all the sites hosted, but not the actual plesk panel. The PSA folder is there in /usr/local/. When I tried reinstalling, and it returned You have Plesk v 10.10.1 installed.
Any ideas?

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Try running the Parallels autoinstaller to re-install the missing package. It will probably detect it's missing and install it by itself, otherwise you might want to pick a random module/utility to install and it should detect the missing dependency.

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Thank you for your answer, although I did fix it, I did indeed run the installer that had been left in ~ – Kian Feb 1 '12 at 19:18

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