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I am planning of upgrading the LAMP stack that I have.

Debian Lenny 5.09 - current version is 6.0
Apache 2.2.9 - current 2.2.21
MySQL 5.0.51a - current 5.5.20
PHP 5.2.6 - current PHP 5.3.9

I am curious if I should start with the debian upgrade and the rest will follow from the new repositories, or I should start with PHP/Mysql first and leave the distro update at the end.

What is the best practice? Thanks.

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If your LAMP stack is installed through Debian's package management system, it'd get updated automatically during system upgrade. You can find the official documentation about upgrade from Lenny to Squeeze right here.

Upgrades between major versions may sometimes go wrong if not performed carefully, so I would suggest to read the above mentioned page in order to prepare yourself for the process and avoid undesired situations.

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