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We're transitioning from a set of locations of the form: where we will do a redirect to /app2.

However, we want to keep some URIs for app1 active, e.g., and should NOT redirect.

How should this be done? The location block doesn't accept a prefix like "!~", which would make it easy, i.e.,

location !~ /app1/(111|222) {
  rewrite /app1 /app2;

does not work in terms of the location pattern matching.

I've tried this (as well as putting parens around everything after /app1/), but it doesn't work either:

location ~ /app1/!(111|222) {
  rewrite /app1 /app2;


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cmiiw could you try (pls make sure the order is correct, and you may try to change the regex)

location ~ ^/app1/111$ {

location ~ ^/app1/222$ {

location ~ ^/app1$ {
  rewrite /app1 /app2;
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My simple example is to simple; I had to add a bunch of proxy-type statements into the "location ~ ^/app1/(111|222}" block. I believed I missed one of them in an earlier test. – cjc Jan 30 '12 at 18:57

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