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I have both Apache and IIS on a Windows Server 2k3. The Apache server is reached by tunneling through IIS using the Apache Tomcat Redirector

Everything works just fine until I reboot. When I do apparently the Apache Tomcat 6 service starts before the World Wide Web Publishing (W3SVC) service. Manually stopping and restarting the Apache Tomcat service fixes the problem, but I don't want to have to continue to do it manually every time I reboot.

How can I get Windows to start Apache after IIS?

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Change the Apache service to be dependant on W3SVC. From an elevated command prompt:

sc config ApacheServiceName depend= W3SVC

Note the space after the equals next to "depend". It needs to be there. Replace ApacheServiceName with the service name (not the display name) of your apache service.

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Here you go:

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What you should do is add the W3SVC service as a dependency to Tomcat so that Tomcat will wait for the W3SVC service to start first.

To add a dependency to a service you can do it using the sc command from the command prompt

sc config <service name> depend= <dependencies>
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