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Possible Duplicate:
IIS 7.5 Redirect / URL Rewrite to mobile version of website

I have a website setup at, hosted on IIS 7.5.

I would like to add a mobile version of my application at

How do I create a seperate site that can be accessed via

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I'm not trying to redirect someone. Rather, I'm trying to figure out how to setup the "m." portion. How do I add m. to my url? – Mono Developer Jan 31 '12 at 0:55

You need to add an entry to your DNS host, most of the time, your domain registrar can handle that.

If you're going to use a virtual host on IIS (I don't know how it works on IIS), you must set up a virtual host to listen on and add an A/AAAA (IPV4/IPV6) entry to your DNS, like :

So that when someone connect on, it's redirected to the (same) server, and IIS does the switch with a virtual host listening for incoming HTTP connections with the 'Host:' header.

I don't know if I am clear, but well, I tried !

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