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So I've got an application event log...let's call it "CustomApplicationLog"

I've also got an awesome application...let's call it "MyAwesomeApplication"

Assuming this application were to ever throw an can I use the XML query editor to search for an arbitrary string insite the event log message?

Below is the query generated for me after picking most of the things I wanted. I can't find any documentation on parsing this out myself though.

  <Query Id="0" Path="CustomApplicationLog">
    <Select Path="CustomApplicationLog">*[System[Provider[@Name='MyAwesomeApplication'] and (Level=2)]]</Select>
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  <Query Id="0" Path="CustomApplicationLog">
   <Select Path="CustomApplicationLog">*[System[Provider[@Name='MyAwesomeApplication'] and (Level=2)]] and *[EventData[Data and (Data='string i'm looking for')]]</Select>

This is assuming your custom application spits out the sting in the EventData section. It searches the entire Event Data section of the log for that string. To get a better idea, find the log you're looking for and check out the XML View.

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