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We are running our flex application in jboss clustering environment with the help of Apache mod_jk(Apache Web server as front end with mod_ssl enabled). We are using the SecureAMFChannel as we deploy the application in SSL. We use the RemoteObject for communicating with Java.

The Application is running fine when we have only one node of JBoss. But once we add one more node to the cluster the application throws the following exception .

Duplicate HTTP-based FlexSession error: A request for FlexClient 'FDCA49A7-9317-4D8A-881F-9248B1136E7A' arrived over a new FlexSession 'C9C563B8266A03C2207C00796CD7DFF1', but FlexClient is already associated with FlexSession '8A328320F5C530D55E94568996A1B552', therefore it cannot be associated with the new session.

As I am maintaing the session in the server, I need to use the JBoss cluster for session replication. I heard that flex clustering is not needed as we have mod_jk and it will do all the stuff for us.

I checked with simple application without any session data also then too I faced the same problem.

After the very first login, I can see 2 session created simultaneously and destroyed. I checked the application whether it calls twice before the session is created, but it is calling only once.

Also when application connects with server2 and if I down the server2 my flex application throws the error that the server is not found, It is not detecting the other server.But it works once I refresh the browser.

Application Environment Details

JBoss 6 Blaze Ds 4.5 Apache Web server 2.2.21 Mod_JK 1.2.32 Mod_SSL 2.8.31

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It is working when the connection is not secure(http) in both apache web server and jboss web server ). But when the connection is https the above problem is happening . –  Suresh111_mca Jan 31 '12 at 15:29
Also I enabled the stick session in Mod_jk –  Suresh111_mca Jan 31 '12 at 15:37
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