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we setup a mail server in our local office using Mdaemon Mail Server . We have a Staic ip ( as an example ) and all necessary ports (80 , 25 , 110 ) are made open .

We have a domain which is not hosted anywhere planning host at our server only after our mail server issue solved ( at port 80 - apache http server ). We have DNS settings made at one of free DNS service provider ( ).

In Zonomi - ( dns service provider) our domain has following dns records .

  1. IP Addresses (A) points to points to

Mail Servers (MX) ->

Name Servers (NS) handles DNS for handles DNS

after finishing this settings we tried running our mail server but most mails were blocked at gmail , yahoo etc . then we come to know our rdns( reverse dns / ptr not matching )

current static ip rdns check points to ISP - vsnl ) ....

where as our forward dns look up shows

           - ( or ?)

Now we finaly decided to ask our ISP to do necessary change in to our PTR / rDNS setting to point our domain( or ) so my question is

what are details i should need to give to my ISP to do Necessary settings on rDNS at its end

ex like domain name , ns records details etc ?

and one more thing

we set up A record to & also to and my mx records to handle mails

so I want to know what is exact rDNS value or should be point against our static IP

what should i tell to my ISP to put in rdns value or ????

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  • If you have domain already registered, you can write real domain - it's safe (and easier debug for possible errors)
  • mail RR is or copy-paste error or definition error (missed dot?), check it
  • you can ask to write any of two hostnames in reverse zone, both (for shown settings) will work - you have only pass "Paranoid IP check" for hostname (IN A -> IN PTR requests pair) must generate closed ring

PS: you can ever use default hostname of ISP for MX record of your domain and don't ask ISP do something - MX records of any domain can be anywhere outside domain's name-space

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MX entry is a mistype as you pointed . i correctd now , any way thanks for your jelp .. i ask my ISP what you suggeseted . – panindra Feb 1 '12 at 15:22

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