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Using NGINX to proxy to a cluster of RIAK nodes*. I have a rewrite rule like

rewrite ^/bucket-([a-z]+)/object-([a-zA-Z0-9]+)/(.+)$ /riak/$1/$2 break;

and a location block

location /riak/ {
  proxy_pass      http://riak_servers/riak/;

Which will redirect to one of the RIAK servers. Problem is, users can directly access http://server/riak/ and get directly to the RIAK cluster and bucket information. I want to only allow access to users requesting resources via the rewritten URL. I'd rather avoid any ifs or multiple location blocks to catch everything. I'm probably missing something obvious.

NGINX 1.0.11

*This is generally a bad idea since anyone with access to the NGINX server can put/post stuff into your RIAK cluster. You should prevent all request types except GET and HEAD, also it's probably a good idea to remove andy X-* headers put in by RIAK. I don't think exposing the VClock value is a security issue but best to be safe.

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Use the internal directive to mark it as an internal location which is not accessible directly.

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