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We have a new exchange server in our organization, and sometimes users report an email that failed to deliver. Typically, I believe that it is related to size or content restrictions from either the firewall or the exchange server itself...

I'd like to know how I can see all failures (rejects, failures, etc) of messages in the Exchange Server... whether looking at log data, or even setting up some kind of notification.

Is this possible in Exchange? Can someone point me to where I'd need to look to set this up or view the failed transactions?

(yes, clearly anything blocked by the firewall will not be recorded in exchange)

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You have not mentioned your Exchange version. But in all versions of Exchange you can set up a specific account to receive generated NDRs.

From 2007 on you also could either use the Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant (integrated with the Exchange Management Console) to troubleshoot message delivery problems. Or simply search the message tracking log on your own - either using the GUI or PowerShell:

[PS] C:\Windows\System32> Get-MessageTrackingLog -Server <Servername> -Start "01/01/2012 00:00:00" -EventID FAIL
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