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I have an Apache instance serving a site on port 8000 of my server (whose ip is

Listen 8000

<VirtualHost *:8000>
    DocumentRoot /home/pistacchio/sites/lessico/

This works if I visit

On my registry provider (that is not the same a my server provider) i have the following records set:

enter image description here is the domain i registered and i want to point to

Those servers are the domain register's ones, i'm ok leaving the mail there (MX) and I can't remove those two NS records (while I can add others).

At the moment, if I visit I still see the register's courtesy page. The DNS already updated, because shows apache's standard default page. Any help? Thanks

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I can confirm that, for me:

  • DNS shows I would expect:

    james@bodacious-wired:~$host is an alias for has address
  • Browsing to appears to show the right page

  • Browsing to shows the same page
  • Browsing shows the default web page for this server. because no content has been added, yet.

I think that what you're missing here is that you're telling the browser to use the http protocol - right there in the first 4 characters of the url, http://

Browsers understand that, unless another port number is specified, http means port 80, so is interpreted as if it were However, in the snippet you've provided above, you've used VirtualHost *:8000 to tell Apache to only listen on port 8000 for this request.

This explains why works: you're explicitly telling the browser to use port 8000; and you've told Apache to listen on port 8000 and what to do with requests received there.

Change that line to VirtualHost *:80 and you'll be answering traffic on port 80 instead. The ServerName directive you have on the next line ensures that only traffic for the host will be handled by this vhost - all other hostnames will still fall back to the default vhost with the default content you're already so familiar with :)

Edited to add:

There's one other wrinkle. You said:

if I visit I still see the register's courtesy page. The DNS already updated, because shows apache's standard default page

That's different from what I see - I get Apache's standard page on I'm guessing that either your DNS host updated something between when you posted and when I responded; or possibly you still have an old record cache. I'd suggest checking this with host as I've done above to make sure you're seeing the correct records.

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hi james, thanks for you answer. i changed the virtualhost to listen to *:80 but still on and i see apache's default page, on and i see the courtesy page and i'm not able anymore to see the correct page. – pistacchio Feb 2 '12 at 7:10
oh, i've also tried cleaning up the system dns cache and browser's. on the other hand, host gives the correct ip :\ – pistacchio Feb 2 '12 at 7:11
If you check Apache's access logs, you should see logs being written when you connect to Do you also see logs being written when you browse to – James Polley Feb 2 '12 at 7:14 now gives me what looks like the correct page - it's a login form that looks like it's intended to be viewed on a mobile browser. I'm guessing that your ISP must have some kind of transparent proxy that's still serving up the old page - it definitely looks like your server and dns are now configured correctly – James Polley Feb 2 '12 at 7:15
you are right, thank you. viewing it through a proxy showed me the correct page! do i just have to wait for the isp to refresh its caching? also, how can i configure apache to serve both AND thank you – pistacchio Feb 2 '12 at 7:17

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