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I'm looking for a simple CMS to use for a bunch of micro sites. These are generally sites that are only ever a few pages and are often for friends or simple microsites for work.

What I really want is to setup some nameservers so and for this purpose; and then have a server with apache configured to handle anything pointed at it.

Then the core bit is a simple CMS that can work in this environment. It just needs to be able to create pages, have a WYSIWYG editor (and source editor) and ideally some simple permissions so I can restrict users to individual sites.

Any suggestions on this? Thanks so much!

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For the hosting side, I'd recommend Linode or a micro EC2 instance(free tier). Wordpress can handle multiple sites with some plugins. That's probably the easiest one to setup. It's not ideal for static content, but it'll do the trick.

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Thanks; am already using Linode but will give wordpress a go here. Forgot they had a MU version which might well do the trick. – Christopher Padfield Feb 3 '12 at 15:56

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