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I was thinking of setting up a software RAID on my VMs running Debian OS 6.

I found a guide: "" , but it seems like my system lacks a "/proc/mdstat" file. So I am making an assumption that the current setup just does not have a RAID support.

Has any1 tried setting up a software RAID on Virtual servers with virtual disks ? Any luck ?

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Have you read the very first line of text on the link you gave? "This HOWTO is deprecated; the Linux RAID HOWTO is maintained as a wiki by the linux-raid community at"; – Sven Feb 3 '12 at 14:06
Also: If you want to use a RAID inside a VM, you have to make sure that your underlying physical hardware matches this goal. Example: If you have only one physical disk to store your disk images, using a RAID will bring you no benefit at all. – Sven Feb 3 '12 at 14:09

What the goal of using raid inside VM? Some outside dublication?

Not of all virtualization technology provides full access to kernel modules (like openvz), so i think md may not works here normally.

first of all, you can try installing mdadm. apt-get install mdadm

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To have /proc/mdstat you have to have MD drivers loaded. Try one of the following:

modprobe raid0
modprobe raid1
modprobe raid10
modprobe raid456

depending on what type of RAID you want to do.

That being said, the only reason you may want to run RAID in the VM is to test the configuration for physical machines. Not only using RAID in the host is faster, but also safer for data.

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