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I want to know what is the EASIEST way to ensure I have a strong exchange backup, which is simple to manage and low in risk. Is imaging the machine with windows server backup image enough?

Pretty amateur exchange admin here.

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Using the VSS provider / Windows Server Backup to copy Exchange 2007 database and log files is an officially supported backup option since Service Pack of Exchange 2007. See

for further reading.

Your mileage on the topic of "simple to manage" might vary. Especially since to serve restore requests for single mailboxes the restore would need to go into a Recovery Storage Group first.

There are commercial 3rd party backup solutions to do a mailbox-level or even object-level restore with nifty GUIs allowing to navigate through the backed up Exchange store - if you have no administration experience with Exchange whatsoever and are new to PowerShell or command lines in general, you might prefer the 3rd-party approach.

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