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Is there a way to start services.msc already attached to a remote system (e.g. from command line)? I want to avoid clicking Action -> Connect to remote computer, because I have to do it so often...

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Start mmc.exe and create a new, custom console that contains the objects you want to use.

You can store these and run them from anywhere as long as they contain remote machine names.

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Sorry for reviving a dead post but for anyone searching for this answer, another option is to use the sc.exe command line tool. It will allow you to manipulate services at the command line.


Another possible alternative (that I'm currently using but trying to get rid of(hence how I found this post lol)) is using a custom built Auto-It macro that opens the plugin and goes through the step-by-step that you're trying to avoid. I do the same with the printmanagement.msc, msinfo32, and regedit tools as well.

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