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I run an IIS7 web server and use ApplicationPoolIdentity with 'Load User Profile' and my primary hard drive is filling up fast.

The C:\Users directory is filling up with temporary data.

For example, C:\Users\website1.com and C:\Users\website2.com has a large amount of data.

Also NTUSER.DAT{........}.regtrans-ms and NTUSER.DAT{........}.TM.blf, as well as UsrClass.dat{........}.regtrans-ms and UsrClass.dat{........}.TM.blf are growing in size.

Is there a way I can safely clean these up?

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Why Load User Profile? Presumably you're running an application that requires it? If so, what's it doing? –  TristanK Feb 6 '12 at 0:42

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I assume that this is set to store temp data which would prompt me to question why you are not programmatically handling that data in a more robust way. Can you provide a little more info on what the application is actually doing?

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