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I have DNS roundrobin on 2 virtual IP in front of service. (Among others the service tested was: apache, nginx, varnish, postfix, … It really does not matter. Let's call it just service.)

I have corosync config where on two nodes service is running (as a clone with max=2 max-node=1) and each node has one of 2 virtual IP.

  • In case of node failure: Corosync stop, standby mode - other node takes over IP.
  • In case of stopping service: Cluster brings it up.


  • In case of destroying config of the service: Cluster cannot start it and it remains stopped/errored but the virtual IP remains.

When the cluster was active/passive there waw no clone. Primitive service was in group with IP and in case of failure also virt IP wasn't started.

I cannot group clone.

How do I solve this?

Please note that it seems to have nothing with ordering, which works just fine.

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Bedazzled by your use of bold. I'll just... be going now. – Wesley Feb 6 '12 at 3:39

Pay attention to the Pacemaker cluster project:

It can monitor/run/move services across the cluster.

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it was a shortcut, it is pacemaker indeed, it's monitoring, starting etc. - but not in all conditions – Arek B. Feb 6 '12 at 16:30
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I have added to Primitive option to 'op start': on-fail="standby". Now when my service (the only primitive in clone) cannot start due to faulty config - the node looses also virtIP.
This way I end with migrated resources to healthy node.

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