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How I would recover the recent deleted files from amazon ec2 ubuntu server.For example The all "tar" files are removed unfortunately in amazon ec2 + ubuntu 11.04 instance.

The removed files should be retrieved.

How it is supposed to do?

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You can use extundelete to recover your files if your file system is ext3 or ext4.

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You can try using Photorec - it has had success recovering data from EBS volumes before (although, since EBS is a 'block' device, any undelete tool should work). It is more of a 'guided' process as opposed to a single command (more GUI like, if you will). It looks for known file headers to match against deleted files - the list of supported file types can be found here. (I believe the package name is [testdisk][3])

The Ubuntu page on data recovery may also be a worthwhile read.

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