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I have two transport rules on my exchange server.

One is:

> Apply rule to messages: From users that are 'outside the organization'
> and when any of the recipients in the To or Cc fields is a member of
> 'nointernetmail@company.com' Forward the messageto sender's manager
> for moderation

The second is:

Apply rule to messages from a member of 'nointernetmail@company.com' and sent to users that are 'outside the organization' forward the message to the sender's manager for moderation.

nointernetmail is a distribution group, and each user has the managed by set to there local manager. However these transport rules do not work, internet mail is still sent and received without issue.

I have read various tutorials / articles of how to do this on sites such as msexchangeblog and even microsoft technet, however even after following the guides I am still unable to have this function properly. Any help is appreciated.

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Sender's manager is external to your Exchange org and Exchange wont be able to do anything with that. Did you try configuring this with Recipient's manager for moderation ?

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